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Steve's New Galaxy is a Minecraft Modpack and Public Semi-Anarchy Server.

We have been around for over a year and are currently running on Minecraft version 1.16.5

We have developed multiple of our own mods for this modpack and combined them with some other community favorites from other mod creators to give you a specially curated modded minecraft experience with friends and foes.


Survive the Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands

Most of Earth has been destroyed and it will prove to be a challenging task to stay alive and get some basic machinery up and running.

Travel Faster-Than-Light through Outer Space

We have 19 new planet/moon dimensions for you to uncover and explore using three different kinds of buildable space vessels.

60 Available Online Player Slots

Bring your friends on this challenging journey with you on our free-to-play public server!

We have developed multiple mods for this modpack ourselves, you can find the links to each of the mods' CurseForge pages on our parent site here: