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Steve's Guide to the Galaxy

Step by Step Guide for Season 17

1. Get wood. You can break dead bushes for sticks and craft those sticks into planks.

2. Find a nice spot with nearby water, and dig deep underground to cower in a hole and make your base.

3. Get started with Immersive Engineering and get some basic power generation up like windmills or waterwheels.

4. Use Sieving Machines from Steve's Universe to get started with producing silicon.

5. You can decide to use your silicon to work on a moon rocket or to get into Industrial Foregoing.

6. Once you have reached the moon, you will unlock access to Mekanism, Simply Jetpacks, and Extreme Reactors.

7. Mine as much Helium-3 from the Moon as you can, this will fuel your next much bigger rocket.

8. Build a planetary rocket and use Helium-3 to fly to either Venus or Mars, this will unlock the rest of the tech mods for you.

9. Reach Pluto using the planetary rocket and start mining Titanite ore, or enjoy all the mods you now have unlocked.

10. Build a particle accelerator and FTL JumpShip using Titanite.

11. Decide to either destroy all of the universe or make it better, the choice is yours.

Good Luck out there. May the odds be with you.